A lot of people want to know the world’s best sugar cookie recipe. Sugar cookie is simply mandatory in every household, especially during the holiday season. Children and adults are all in love with sugar cookies. This is why making this type of cookie should be understood by everyone. Thankfully, making this snack is not something hard at all. It only takes a few ingredients and several steps. Here is the full explanation about the world’s best sugar cookie recipe, […]

If you want something a little bit heavy yet satisfying, the answer is the best white chicken chili recipe. With chicken as the main ingredients, this dish will be a perfect dinner in the table. Moreover, it can last quite a long time as well, which means you are still able to enjoy it for lunch on the next day. Here is the recipe. Ingredients: 1 small onion, diced 2 cloves of garlic, minced 2 cans of chicken broth 1 […]

If you are looking for the best prime rib roast recipe, you just come to the right place. This recipe is not so hard to follow. Along with the ingredients and instructions, you can get to know some tricks behind the perfect prime rib roast. Here it is. Ingredients: 5 pounds of beef prime rib Salt, as you like 2 tsp of ground black pepper 2 tsp of rosemary 1 tsp of thyme ¼ cup of olive oil 8 cloves […]

If you want to have an easy fall off the bone ribs dish, you can have it through this best ribs recipe. By following this recipe, it will get you a perfect rib for the main course. Here are the ingredients and steps to get it done. Ingredients: 2 pounds of ribs 1 tbsp of olive oil 1 tbsp of Sriracha sauce 2 tbsp of light brown sugar 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar ½ tsp of ground cumin ½ […]

Practicing the best taco recipe is not a difficult thing to do. In fact, this delicious food comes in handy preparation. Before applying the recipe, it is better to talk about this dish first in a brief. Well, taco is very popular Mexican dish. In its home country, taco has existed since 500 years ago, and still survives today. Even, it can be said that taco is one of very famous Mexican dishes, like burritos and quesadilla. For your information, […]

This is best cinnamon rolls recipe that you have ever had. If you always like cinnamon rolls, this homemade recipe would be great. You can save some money to buy the ingredients and make it on your own. It is always great to make something on your own since the taste can be adjusted. The process making is fun as well. In order to make these delicious rolls, let’s get started. Ingredients: 1 package or ¼ ounce active dry yeast […]

This could be the best chicken Alfredo recipe. Golden brown chicken which is combined with tasty Alfredo sauce will make you mouth-watered. To make it even greater, some people also add pasta like what is done in this recipe. Instead of buying this menu in a restaurant, it is best to make a homemade. Let’s take a look at the recipe below. Ingredients: 1 lb or 500 grams of boneless skinless chicken thighs or breasts 8 ounces or 250 grams […]

Broccoli becomes one of the famous and nutritious vegetables, and you can make it as the main ingredient of the best broccoli salad recipe. As its name, it is a salad, not soup. Well, basically it will be much easier to make. You do not need long and complicated steps or processes. Besides easy to make, you will get fresh and healthy taste of broccoli as well. In this recipe, you will find complete ingredients to follow. There are also […]

Dinner can be special when you prepare great dish, and the best enchilada recipe can be one of the references. Enchilada is a great menu to serve in your special moment. It is one of the Mexican dishes that are so rich of flavor. The ingredients and seasonings provide great sensation of taste. In case you are interested to make this dish, there is nothing to worry. You will get your special serving by following the recipe. There are complete […]

This time, we will discuss about the best crepe recipe. This European snack is loved by many people. Following this easy recipe, you will be able to enjoy the delicious snack at home anytime. Ingredients: 3 large eggs 1cup of all-purpose flour 1 ¼ cup of milk 2 tbsp of melted butter, you can substitute it with oil as well 2 tbsp of sugar, you can add the amount if you desire to have sweet crepes ½ tsp of kosher […]