Even though rice is a staple food in Japan, bread is also a popular breakfast menu in the country. And one of the most popular Japanese bread which becomes worldwide is Japanese milk buns. This bun has a really soft texture and milky taste. Because of the sweet and milky taste, you can just directly eat it right away without any additions. Or, you can slice the bun to thin slices and eat it with your favorite jams. You can […]

This homemade no knead rosemary bread is incredibly easy to make. What makes it special is the fact that it’s crispy on the crust, yet soft and chewy on the center. How come? Well, let’s find out, shall we? Have you ever bake your own cake at home? If not, then this bread is the best way to start with! Seriously, making this bread is super simple and easy.  No particular skill needed to make this homemade no knead rosemary […]

Old recipe is always the best to try, and this is what tuna salad recipe will be. People like tuna as primary food to obtain the rich nutrition. Furthermore, tuna has rich protein and mineral to increase metabolism, and it is suitable for healthy diet. Combination between tuna and vegetables will generate what known as tuna salad. This recipe is suitable for quick dinner, even breakfast and lunch. You can eat it alongside the bread, or just make it as […]

If you enjoy comfort foods, the best choice is pot roast crockpot. This recipe is simple and easy to follow. You do not need professional skill just for cooking delicious crock-pot recipe. On the other side, all ingredients are easy to find in nearby store; even your kitchen already has most of them. Next section will show you how to make this recipe. Ingredients: 2-3 pound chuck roast 1-2 tsp. garlic powder 1-2 tsp. salt 1/2 tsp. black pepper, or […]

There are many kinds of cookies to make with 3 ingredient peanut butter cookies. This is great recipe to try and will be so easy to make. You will not need to worry about the taste since it can be one of the best homemade cookies to have ever made. Although it only has three main ingredients in the recipe, there is nothing to worry. These also do not involve long cooking process or special skills in cooking. As long […]

When you want to have different salad, you can try to look at how to make coleslaw. Coleslaw is good dish to make. It is side dish that will replace the salad. Of course, coleslaw is not new dish. Actually, it has been made and becomes favorite dish for some years ago. Of course, it is easy to make and you will not need to have long preparation process. The steps for cooking are also simple. In case you want […]

Everyone simply needs to know a beef and broccoli recipe. Combining beef and broccoli is indeed the right movement. The protein and the vegetable go so well together, not only in Chinese cuisine, but in all types of cuisine. However, the most sought type of recipe involving the two ingredients is indeed the Chinese-styled one. Everyone loves the savory flavor of the dish, especially when it is combined with a bowl of warm rice. It is so delicious and makes […]

There is nothing better than eating a delicious, warm twice baked potato. The dish is so easy to make and it only takes a few ingredients. It is believed that the dish is so effortlessly that you do not need to be a decent cook to make it. For those who have never made the dish before but keen to try in the near future, here is the easiest and most delicious recipe of twice baked potato. The recipe uses […]

In order to cook your eggs perfectly, you should know for how long to boil eggs, so you can achieve the desired result. Generally, there are two kinds of boiled eggs: soft boiled eggs and hard boiled eggs. Both are equally tasty, but that depends on your preference and what your recipe ask you for. Before you start on making your boiled eggs, you have to know what you are making first. As an example, you are planning on making […]

Are you craving for finger licking good baked chicken legs? This part of chicken is well-known for its juiciness and richness. Once you are eating the legs of chicken, you will have a hard time to stop. Of course, you need to cook the legs in perfect temperature to yield the best result. In addition to that, a perfect recipe that will enhance the legs’ natural flavor is very important. Let’s see the following recipe that is going to make […]