The autumn season is always identical with pumpkin. There are so many recipes that you can make by using pumpkins including this pumpkin breakfast cookies recipe. It is actually great to have these soft and chewy pumpkin breakfast cookies every morning because they are very healthy and you can also make them ahead so they are perfect for busy mornings. Moreover, you can make these pumpkin cookies with oats, pumpkin seed butter, fall spices, and also maple syrup. All of these ingredients are gluten-free, […]

A fresh zucchini from the garden is a vegetable that you need to make a good and delicious healthy meal. You could cook it alone or combine it with other food. Zucchini is a healthy green vegetable with low calories, zero fat and rich with minerals, water, vitamins and high of fiber. Therefore, it is suitable for those people who are maintaining their weight. This healthy green vegetable is also good for aiding weight loss. Because it is rich with […]

Dill Pickle Zucchini Chips! Chips are fun snacks that everybody loves. Whether for a party or just me-time, chips are always good company. But the one you bought from the store might be unhealthy. The sodium content on the store-bought chips is surprisingly excessive. It would increase the blood pressure and risk your heart disease. Oil from the chips is also typically very high. Unconsciously eating over the standard serving might lead you into obesity. To make things worse, most […]

Can you resist Nutella in any kinds of its form; within your morning sandwich, on top of your brownies, or as a secret ingredient in your favorite drinks? It is a big NO. What about having it in classic thumbprint cookies? Heaven! This bite-sized cookie will surely make your day. Why don’t you put on your apron and get your own luscious Nutella Thumbprint Cookies? No need to worry about complicated baking steps and recipes. You can save your time […]

Your schedule is jam-packed or you’re just being too lazy, but you want to have a good snack and make it yourself. If you’re thinking about coconut macaroons, you’ve made a perfect choice. You don’t need to spend all of your free time making it because it only takes less than thirty minutes. Besides, you only need to look up inside your cupboard and take very few ingredients. You’ll soon have a bite of the crunchy outside part of the […]

Have you decided what a portion of food to cook? This is time to cook skinny chicken fajita soup. A simple of zesty Mexican-style, of course, the taste seems like Mexican food with good taste and the smoothie texture. Are you excited to cook this food? Please read this article. The skinny chicken fajita soup is one of the foods for people who need low fat and it only contains good carbohydrates from the beans. You can add the rice […]

Let’s talk about the simple vegan banana bread! Well, banana bread is a staple food for many people and also a welcome treat at tea time. For vegans, banana bread is usually absent, until now. While most banana bread recipes contain milk and eggs, this variety of vegan banana bread does not use both, but it is still moist and delicious. Well, before explaining the recipe, it is good for you to know the general view of vegan bread and […]

Italian Cream Cake is wonderfully delicious, its soft and creamy texture what makes us love it. Although it is so popular and many people love it, making one is by no means easy. Don’t worry, through this simple recipe you will learn how to make one at home. In this recipe, I am going to be straightforward, so it will be easy for first-timer to understand. You will be able to make incredibly delicious Italian Cream Cake at home for […]

Types of dishes made from beef are always everywhere, almost in all regions of the world, and one that you can make very easily and simply is beef stew, more precisely homemade beef stew recipe. This cuisine is perfect for lunch or dinner, especially with the weather being quite cold. To cook beef stew, the time needed for preparation does not spend your precious time, just 40 to 60 minutes, with ingredients that are very easy to find in traditional […]

Do you like lemons or foods that have a lemon aroma? If you are a lemon lover, you should try one of the delicious cakes, which are very tasty and of course very healthy for you to consume. You don’t need to be confused whether this cake has side effects for you or not because this cake has absolutely no side effects for you. So, you don’t need to be confused to try this cake. Interested to try it? Unfortunately, […]