Several Easter dinner ideas are ready with various recipes. One of recommended choices is ham with honey-glazed recipe. For your information, ham has been steady food during Easter, especially for dinner. Each country has its own recipes with ham as the main ingredients. You might think ham is not appropriate choice for beginners. On contrary, cooked ham is easy to find at store, and your job is to make it taste better. The next section will show how to cook […]

Everyone loves easy lasagna recipe. Nobody likes to hassle in the kitchen when making any meal. Lasagna is one of the most famous Italian dishes that have been known all over the world for its creamy and tasty flavor. It often found in fine dining restaurant that serves Italian menus, as well as in five-star hotels. But did you know that you can also make it in your own home? Let’s do it together! Ingredients: ½ cup water ½ cup […]

When you are scrolling down your Instagram and find about cooking spaghetti squash, have you ever wondered what is it? Spaghetti squash is underrated vegetable dish which is actually good for your health. Besides good, it is also delicious and has low calories. It looks like spaghetti. The original flavor is very mild even you can call it nearly bland. However, you can add desired seasoning to lift up the taste. Now, let’s start to cook! Ingredients: 1 medium-sized ripe […]

You can make chicken taco recipe at home easily. Using chicken for Taco is not new thing and it has been around since long time ago. In fact, Taco is widely known as versatile recipe and everyone doesn’t have issue to prepare it anytime. Well, the further information is explained in the following sections Ingredients: 1 pound chicken (thighs, breast, or mixed), skinless and boneless 2 cloves garlic minced 1 tbsp. lime juice, optional 2 tbsps. olive oil 1 tbsp. […]

Pasta becomes nice menu and chicken pasta recipes are good idea to try. This Italian dish can always bring good taste and it can be good dish for dinner with your family or special persons in your circles. It is combined with chicken, so there is good protein source, and it surely adds the taste. There is nothing to worry about the ingredients and cooking steps. You will get the complete information below, so it is as easy as reading […]

The chicken parmigiana recipe is perfect for those who might want to try making an Italian dish that made out of chicken. Like the aforementioned, chicken parmigiana originally comes from Italia. The dish is made from chicken breast meats served with hams or beef. Usually, it also served together with mashed potato or salad. Some say that this meat-based dish is suitable for family dinner. The baked or fried chicken mixed with spaghetti or cheese will be very appetizing to […]

Chicken alfredo pasta is a good dish idea for dinner. With delicious sauce and good nutrition from the chicken, you can get a perfect combination between chicken and soft pasta. With no more ado, here are the ingredients and instructions. Ingredients: 2 boneless and skinless chicken breast 8 ounces dried fettuccine 1 cup Parmesan cheese, finely grated 1 cup heavy cream 8 tbsp European style unsalted butter, divided 2 tbsp canola oil ½ tbsp ground black pepper, divided 1 tsp […]

If you are confused in deciding what to cook for dinner, just try this chicken corn chowder. With chicken, bacon, and heavy cream as its main ingredients, you will be able to taste creamy and delicious soup with short preparation time. In total, this soup can be done in 50 minutes. For more, it can be served for 6 people. Here are the ingredients and instructions. Ingredients: 2 large chicken breast, cut to small bites 6 strips bacon, cut to […]

Are you looking for the best brussel sprout recipe? Well, Brussels sprouts taste amazingly delicious when it is roasted. Whether it is for dinner or just for snack, Brussels sprouts can give an unforgettable taste for the tongue. If you are interested to make it at home, you can follow this easy recipe. Ingredients: 2 lbs Brussels sprout ¾ tsp salt ¼ cup olive oil ¼ tsp ground black pepper Cooking Instructions: To begin making this brussel sprout recipe, the […]

Any dining issue will be solved by a great chicken alfredo recipe. This Italian style dish is creamy, flavorful, and super delicious. When you are craving for a warm and fulfilling meal, you will be so satisfied to be presented by a plate of this dish especially if it is served on top of pasta. It will taste just like your mother’s home cooked meal. Let’s see how you can create this dish. Ingredients: 2 pieces chicken breast, boneless and […]