Never underestimate the power of easy cookie recipes. Even though it said easy, no one can resist the yummy taste it delivers when it touched the tongue. Besides, nothing can beat a refreshing moment where one just lay down casually on the front house with a nice delicious cookie and a warm tea. That is why, maybe every person need to learn how to make a cookie. Whether some classic sugar cookie, or the fancy creamy chocolate chip cookie, whatever […]

You have heard about chocolate mug cake, haven’t you? The simple and super quick steps plus less equipment to clean make you want to make this dessert anytime. Although it is quick, the result will not disappoint you. This meal is perfect for any situation, and it is the right choice if you need to be hurry. Getting interested? Let’s get started. Ingredients: 2 ½ tablespoon cocoa powder 4 tablespoon full cream milk 3 ½ tablespoon all-purpose flour 3 tablespoon […]

This edible cookie dough recipe will make you fall in love with it so bad. Yes, the dough is 200% edible without baking it. Don’t worry because some ingredients have been removed, so you would not poison. You will believe it when you have it. So, let’s get started. Ingredients: 2 tablespoon heavy cream 50 grams chocolate chip 3 tablespoon granulated sugar 50 grams cup brown sugar, minced 80 grams tablespoon butter ½ teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon vanilla extract (pure […]

Chicken can be made into various delicious menus, and oven-fried chicken tender recipes become good idea to try. It is not a complicated dish. You will be able to make it easily and it will not make you work with a lot of ingredients. However, this simplicity gives great taste that will not make you disappointed. In the recipe, you already get the complete ingredients and cooking instructions. As long as you follow each of the details, you will find […]

Want to take a quick practice with chicken quesadilla recipe? Here you will find the recipe for chicken quesadilla that will deliver the best quesadilla anyone can get. Chicken quesadilla is a Mexican dish, made from tortillas (flat triangular bread-like crisps) and served with many fillings like cheeses, meats and celeries. Generally, quesadilla has to be served along with any kind of salsa and sour cream. Just a little fun fact, quesadilla comes from Spanish word “Queso” meaning “cheese”. This […]

Are you looking for the best brussel sprout recipe? Well, Brussels sprouts taste amazingly delicious when it is roasted. Whether it is for dinner or just for snack, Brussels sprouts can give an unforgettable taste for the tongue. If you are interested to make it at home, you can follow this easy recipe. Ingredients: 2 lbs Brussels sprout ¾ tsp salt ¼ cup olive oil ¼ tsp ground black pepper Cooking Instructions: To begin making this brussel sprout recipe, the […]

One of the most popular and delicious snacks loved by many people is definitely the bbq chicken pizza. With the crunchy edge of a pizza, you can let your tongue taste the soft texture of chicken completed with delicious BBQ sauce. For more, enjoying this food while it is still hot will add the luscious taste of it. Therefore, making this pizza by yourself is one way to be able in enjoying it right after it is taken from the […]

Having banana bread is good idea, and there is good banana nut bread recipe to try. It will give good combination of taste between banana and nut. The bread is so soft and you will surely like it. Even, your family will love to have the bread for breakfast and snacks. In case you are interested to have the bread, it is easy to make. There is complete recipe and ingredients. What you need to do is to follow the […]

When it comes to snack time with banana, banana bread muffins are the perfect snack for every person who just loves to munch in their free time. It is a bread muffin using banana as its main ingredient. The perfect combination of fruit taste and bread ingredients makes it so much tastier in the mouth. The fresh watery taste from the banana fruit and the wholesome taste of bread mixed in one muffin. Accordingly, with just the right extra ingredients, […]

There are many good menus to try for breakfast and biscuits and gravy is one of the recommended dishes to try. In case you want to cook it, there is nothing to worry since it can be cooked easily without any problems. In order to help you, there is a recipe with complete ingredients and cooking instructions. Ingredients: For Biscuits ¾ cup whole milk, cold 1 tablespoon granulated sugar 2 cups all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon baking powder […]