How Long Does It Take to Boil Eggs and Tips to Boil Properly

How long does it take to boil eggs
How long does it take to boil eggs

People often ask about ‘how long does it take to boil eggs’ and seek for the right answer. In general, eggs are easy to cook. You don’t need long time to ensure that the eggs are boiled properly. Giving various conditions, the average time is 12-13 minutes. However, this is not the main issue because you should know how to boil properly. For such purpose, the next section will give some useful tips.


Prepare the fresh eggs that have been in fridge at least 5 days. Cold eggs have strong shell that’s capable to withstand boiling water. Moreover, you need to ensure that what contains inside the eggs is stable before moving into saucepan. Make sure all eggs are clean from dirt or stain. You can clean them with warm water and use damp cloth to make them dry quickly.

Boiling stage

In this stage, you can boil eggs in two ways. Each has pros and cons, but relatively similar in term of basic cooking. First method is to boil eggs from cold then warm water until they are boiled completely. At first, prepare saucepan then pour the water. Put eggs side by side each other and only in one layer, not in top each other. You will harm the eggs if adding extra layer as it may ruin the boiling process. The water is one inch more above the egg surface. Boil slowly and until it reaches the extreme heat. It takes longer because you start from non-boil water into the boil level. He estimation time is up to 17 minutes, even more than 20 minutes if the temperature is extremely low.


So, how long does it take to boil eggs quickly? This question will be answered with second option. Instead of waiting from cold water, you can boil water then put eggs directly into saucepan after the boiling level is at peak. It shortens the process, but a little bit dangerous if you do not know few tips. From the fridge, the eggs have cold shell and reach extreme heat suddenly. It will break, at least show some cracking. To prevent such thing, you need to maintain egg temperature as warm as possible. Boiling time is very short about 10 ten minutes, and the longer one might take 12 minutes. As the result, you will get perfect boiling eggs.

Half-boiled egg

You may like the egg with half-boiled level. It brings juicy contour inside the egg with tender yolk. For making it, you just shorten your way for how long does it take to boil eggs. Prepare the boiling water and put eggs immediately. After three minutes, remove the eggs and toss into cold water. It prevents them to culminate into full boiled mode.

After the cooking is done, you need to remove the egg’s shelf quickly. This is tricky condition that might break everything if you do not do with proper way. Just use cold water to help soothing the shelf, but avoid cracking. Some people boil eggs alongside tea leaves for this purpose. Of course, you can just break the shelf easily with any method. Well now, you already know ‘how long does it take to boil eggs’.