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Homemade ranch dressing is a perfect companion for salad or chip dip. It has smooth texture with yummy taste. Surely, enjoying it on a leisure time will taste like heaven. Well, making this dressing is just a piece of cake. You can make it in just 5 minutes. If you cannot hold your curiosity for more, here are the ingredients needed and the steps to make it. Ingredients: 1 green onion, chopped ¼ cup plain yogurt ¼ cup mayonnaise 1/8 tsp onion powder […]

You can make homemade chicken noodle soup at home easily. This is the most popular recipe at all. You just needs chicken and egg noodle then put them into the pot alongside broth, vegetables, seasonings, and additional ingredients. Chicken soup is known as delicious dish to keep the body warm from harsh cold and flu. Furthermore, the recipe has been in the family since several generations. How do you make this soup? The next section will provide the list of […]

People often ask about ‘how long does it take to boil eggs’ and seek for the right answer. In general, eggs are easy to cook. You don’t need long time to ensure that the eggs are boiled properly. Giving various conditions, the average time is 12-13 minutes. However, this is not the main issue because you should know how to boil properly. For such purpose, the next section will give some useful tips. Preparation Prepare the fresh eggs that have […]

How long do hard boiled eggs last in one’s pantry? The answer to that depends on one important thing: storage. The way you store your hard boiled eggs will determine its longevity. When you keep your cooked eggs in appropriate manner, it will last longer in the shelf but not without a time limit. On the other hand, inappropriate storing process will definitely make your eggs go bad quicker than you can imagine. The most effective way to store fully […]

Everyone should know the answer of how long are hard boiled eggs good for. A lot of people cook hard boiled eggs every day. They use it for many cooking purposes, including making egg salad, deviled eggs, and many more. Sometimes, they make a bunch of hard boiled eggs in one cooking and store it in the fridge. However, they seem to know nothing about the shelf life of eggs. Here is more information about it. Peeled the Eggs in […]

The question of how to soften butter is quite common to be heard in the kitchen. Softening butter is essential because no recipe has ever mentioned the usage of rock hard frozen butter straight from the refrigerator. This is why everyone should really understand the methods of softening butter. To help you out, here are some of the best methods to soften butter easier and quicker. By using these methods, you do not have to wait for too long when […]

As much as someone knows how to shred chicken, there are still many ways uncovered to do it. There are many recipes calling for chicken shredded, but how exactly do people do it? The purchase of a roasted chicken for your chicken spring roll is a brilliant hack, and it’s moist just enough to put in hands. But how about those evenings when you forgot to take one, or when you were there, the shop was priced out? Quick and […]

Have you ever wondered how to make spaghetti squash? Spaghetti squash is an oval-shaped pumpkin, with spaghetti-like fruit flesh. People’s favorite pasta possible option is Spaghetti squash. While everyone keeps talking about courgettes, however, there is just something better about spaghetti squash. The calorie and carbon content are small and much more flexible than courgettes or zucchini. It also has no powerful flavor, so that this ‘pasta’ is ready to complimented by stronger veggies than other. Ingredients: ¾ crumbled feta […]

Smoothies always become good menu to make, and there is good idea of how to make a smoothie. Some people think that smoothies are similar to juice. It is not totally wrong, but smoothies have more ingredients that make people fulfilled. That is why some people also choose to have smoothies as the good replacement in diet program. There can be many good menu and ideas of smoothies, and strawberry is good fruit to choose. In case you want to […]

Mac and cheese becomes simple yet tasty menu and it is not a big problem to know how to make mac and cheese. As its name, the dish has combination of macaroni and cheese as the main ingredients. It is very simple, but it will be perfect dish for cheese lovers. The taste of cheese is strong, and the texture of macaroni will make things perfect. When you are interested to make the dish, you have nothing to worry since […]