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For chili lovers who want to make special dishes, you should try the best crockpot chili recipe winner. Well, as the name implies, it is a dish that uses slow cooker, or known as crockpot. Since it uses crockpot, the dish might take your time, but it is worth to try. The main ingredients are the huge amount of chili with meat. Before putting your apron and cooking the dish, you have to prepare the ingredients and tools. Just think […]

Quiche is dish that’s identical to pie for using crust, and there many choices of the best quiche recipe out there. The difference between pie and quiche is that quiche’s main point is using salty ingredients, while pie is using sweet ingredients. Nevertheless, both dishes are delicious if you cook it right. Now, you will be given one quiche recipe that stands out among other recipes. For bacon and cheese lovers, it might be the best quiche recipe that can […]

One of the most common dishes in the world is oven-baked chicken, and now we will learn about the best baked chicken recipe. You can eat this dish for lunch or dinner with your family. It is for 2-4 people, so you have to invite your friends if you live alone. Hence, if you are craving for baked chicken or want to serve it as a grand dish at home, this recipe might help you to take away your craving. […]

If you are planning a special dinner, you can use the best prime rib recipe in the world. It will be needed when you want to create great impression for your dinner. In this case, prime rib will never be wrong option. It is one of the best parts of beef and all people love the taste and quality of this meat. Of course, you will need good recipe and complete instructions, so you can make the prime rib into […]

Kids love to play slime, so it is good if you practice the best slime recipe. Actually, you can buy this and you will not have to spend your time to make it. Buying can be easy, but you will miss the process and you will miss a chance to teach your kid about the good lesson regarding processes to obtain something. Moreover, slime can be pricy. You may also not be able to find the suitable color as what […]

This smooth, creamy and swirly best hummus recipe will make you beg for a slice of pita bread to scoop it. Hummus is famous for a hint of tahini, with a note of fresh lemon balanced with the garlic’s mellow taste. Many tried to make hummus themselves but ended up with dense, garlicky, and gritty hummus. Follow this recipe to learn how you can make the perfect hummus to accompany any meals or snacks you made. Ingredients: Canned chickpeas, 15 […]

The best stuffing recipe will be a perfect side dish for your every meal. Rather than usual mashed potatoes, you better try this stuffing recipe for an easy and delicious side dish. This dish is popular to cook on holiday dinners, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is perfect when you pair it with a casserole, turkey, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie. Follow this recipe, so you can make this easy and delicious dish. Ingredients: 2 Onions Celery, 4 stalks […]

Everyone should know the best macaroni and cheese recipe. The dish, also known as mac and cheese, is a staple in every kitchen. It is used countless time to serve as dinner or just for snacking between meals. Mac and cheese is loved because it is creamy, cheesy, and savory. Down below is the best macaroni and cheese recipe. It uses not just one kind of cheese, but five! All five cheeses combined together creates amazing, mouth-watering flavor that you […]

This is the best coleslaw recipe you can find today. With this recipe, you can make your own creamy, crispy, and refreshing coleslaw ready to accompany any meals. It is very easy to make and with fresh ingredients, you will have the best coleslaw with minimal work. The only thing you should pay attention is how you will cut the ingredients and how much mayonnaise you put inside. Without further ado, let’s get cooking. Ingredients: Green Cabbage, shredded (6 cups). […]

Well, if you want to make your own snacks, you will need the best chocolate chip cookie recipe. Related to snacks, there can be many kinds of them, but chocolate will always become the star. That is why all kinds of snacks from chocolate can always be good. Moreover, chocolate can also boost the mood. In this case, making chocolate chip cookies is easy to do, and it can be easier since you get the complete guidance from the best […]