Best Slime Recipe and Complete Steps for Your Kid

Best slime recipe
Best slime recipe

Kids love to play slime, so it is good if you practice the best slime recipe. Actually, you can buy this and you will not have to spend your time to make it. Buying can be easy, but you will miss the process and you will miss a chance to teach your kid about the good lesson regarding processes to obtain something. Moreover, slime can be pricy. You may also not be able to find the suitable color as what the kid wants. That’s why it is also good option to make your own slime. Just follow these whole steps.



  • Lotion
  • White glue
  • Food coloring
  • Shaving cream
  • Liquid starch

Making Directions: 

  1. First, you should prepare all of those ingredients.
  2. Prepare spoon and bowl. You will need bowl to mix the ingredients and spoon to stir them all.
  3. Take 4 ounces of white glue and pour it in the bowl that you have prepared.
  4. Take 8 ounces of the shaving cream and some drops of food coloring. In term of food coloring, it depends on your preference. After that, mix these three ingredients.
  5. Take 2 ounces of liquid starch. Pour it gradually while you are mixing the ingredients.
  6. When all of the ingredients and starch are mixed, use your hand to knead the slime.
  7. As you kneading, it will be easier to pull away the slime from the bowl. When you find it, it means that you have to remove it from the bowl. Then, you can continue spreading and kneading the slime.
  8. When you find it cannot be stretched easily or it sticks on your hand, add lotion. Continue kneading until you get good form of slime.
  9. Once you are done with those processes, store it in the container.

These steps are surely very easy to follow. You will not miss any details since all points are already explained. Moreover, it does not need special skills to make the slime. You only need to follow the whole steps of the best slime recipe, and you will get good stuff for the kid. If you want to have more colors, just make other parts of slime and use other option of color. The steps are the same. However, it is not recommended to combine some colors directly in a single process.

In the whole steps of best slime recipe, you need to make sure you should accompany your kid. Specifically, you should be the one to start all steps since it uses some chemicals. Telling your kid about ingredients and dangers is also necessary, so things can run well.

Related to the ingredients, you should use shaving cream. Although shaving cream and gel may have the same function, they have different ingredients and the gels will never give you good slime. Then, in case you find the slime on your clothes, clean it by using white vinegar. When you already pay attention to these points, you will have no problems in following the details of the best slime recipe above.