Bbq Chicken Tostadas! I believe that you often hear this meal. Yes. This recipe is one of the Mexico foods that you must try to accompany your days. You can serve this food in the morning or evening. And on this article, I will share a recipe to make Tostadas Chicken easier and you can make it yourself at home. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to spend? In this version, I will use barbecue sauce, chicken, […]

Crock Pot Hawaiian Chicken! Have you ever tried food from the crockpot? You may often hear this food as a crockpot or slow cooker. This food is perfect for accompanying you during breakfast or lunch. Of course, this food has no side effects and is good for your health. Crock Pot Hawaiian Chicken has a very good taste and the chicken has a sweet taste with fresh pineapple mixed with soy sauce and fresh ginger. This food is also added […]

The autumn season is always identical with pumpkin. There are so many recipes that you can make by using pumpkins including this pumpkin breakfast cookies recipe. It is actually great to have these soft and chewy pumpkin breakfast cookies every morning because they are very healthy and you can also make them ahead so they are perfect for busy mornings. Moreover, you can make these pumpkin cookies with oats, pumpkin seed butter, fall spices, and also maple syrup. All of these ingredients are gluten-free, […]

Let’s talk about the simple vegan banana bread! Well, banana bread is a staple food for many people and also a welcome treat at tea time. For vegans, banana bread is usually absent, until now. While most banana bread recipes contain milk and eggs, this variety of vegan banana bread does not use both, but it is still moist and delicious. Well, before explaining the recipe, it is good for you to know the general view of vegan bread and […]

Cheeseburger Soup is one food that is suitable to be served as your morning meal. Cheeseburger soup is perfect for your food because it has a very soft and delicious texture. Besides, these foods are very easy to make and serve. You only need one medium-sized container and the materials you need. This soup has a very thick cheese flavor. How to Make a Cheeseburger Soup When I make cheeseburger soup, I am very happy to add cream that has […]

Chicken stir fry is a food that is very suitable to accompany your day. You also easily fill a variety of vegetables based on your interest such as broccoli, sesame oil, soy sauce, and honey. You also don’t need much time to make this food. Make sure that these foods are suitable to accompany your day.   If you are confused about finding food for dinner or a quick, healthy, and easy breakfast then you should try cooking the recipe. […]

Everyone knows that breakfast is something very important in order to be able to do well on that day. For health reasons breakfast is also something you can’t miss. Someone who really likes cheese starts the day with a delicious and delicious and nutritious breakfast of grilled cheese. Are you one of the grilled cheese dressers? This time I will share a practical and not complicated baked bread recipe. This recipe you can practice yourself from home as your breakfast […]

Thai basil chicken is also known as Gai Pad Krapow in Thailand. It can be said that this dish is one of the most classic street foods in Thailand. It is quick and practical to cook this dish. Gai Pad Krapow has a tasty, savory, and spicy taste, depends on the number of chilies used in the recipe. The original version of Gad Pai Krapow actually uses ground chicken. But, you are also able to use diced chicken, it is […]

Even though rice is a staple food in Japan, bread is also a popular breakfast menu in the country. And one of the most popular Japanese bread which becomes worldwide is Japanese milk buns. This bun has a really soft texture and milky taste. Because of the sweet and milky taste, you can just directly eat it right away without any additions. Or, you can slice the bun to thin slices and eat it with your favorite jams. You can […]

This homemade no knead rosemary bread is incredibly easy to make. What makes it special is the fact that it’s crispy on the crust, yet soft and chewy on the center. How come? Well, let’s find out, shall we? Have you ever bake your own cake at home? If not, then this bread is the best way to start with! Seriously, making this bread is super simple and easy.  No particular skill needed to make this homemade no knead rosemary […]