If you love take-out Chinese food, you must love to know the beef lo mein recipe. The dish is like staple in every Chinese food restaurant. It is the combination of chewy noodles with delicious beef slices and vegetables. Instead of spending so much money on buying the dish every single day, try to make one on your own. It is very easy and not as complicated as you think before. Follow this recipe to make sure that you can […]

Ramen is a delicious dish, so at least you should have the best ramen recipe to try. It is a Japanese noodle with great flavor. The noodle provides you with a complete taste since there are many ingredients inside the soup. You can find egg, vegetables, and the other ingredients. If you want to have your own ramen, just make it by yourself. The recipe below will provide complete information about the ingredients and instructions. You can easily follow all […]