When you are looking for good recipes with great composition of nutrients, weight watchers recipes can become your solution. There are various recipes to try and there are various categories. One of them is the curried prawns. It is not a difficult dish to make. Moreover, you get complete information from the recipe, so you will not need to worry about the details and process. Of course, the taste will be great since it will have strong taste of curry […]

We cannot deny that oven baked bacon is definitely tasty. It is healthier than the fried bacon as well. Making oven baked bacons is not hard. For an early suggestion, it is recommended to use the thick cut applewood smoked bacon. It can give you classic flavor. The thick cut it has also provides ultimate crunch. For more, it is also a good choice to go with the center cut bacon. It has more lean and more meat. It is […]

One of everybody’s favorite side foods is microwave sweet potato. It is tasty, healthy, and also through microwave, it can be baked quickly and smoothly. It’s simple, fast, tasty and very enjoyable. Is the dish safe for the belly? It is actually very safe. It is not surprising that sweet potatoes have already become every nutrition-aware society’s sweetheart. It is full of calories, but rich in nutrients. Medium, sweet 7-ounce potatoes contain 800% of your daily needs for vitamin A […]

Chicken is the common ingredient in cooking, but you may need healthy chicken recipes. It is common to have some healthier recipes since now people have grown more awareness toward the health issues. In this case, you do not have anything to worry in cooking chicken. There are many recipes, and chicken vegetable stew is one of healthy ways to cook the meat. It will give you good combinations of ingredients. Surely, you will not regret because you get the […]

Ham and potato soup is a perfect choice for dinner. With delicious ham and potatoes, it is ready to warm your stomach. This soup is not only delicious, but also has lots of nutrition needed by the body. Making this soup is not hard. The ingredients are easy to get as well. If you are interested to make this soup at home, here is the recipe for you. Ingredients: 3 cups milk 3 cups potatoes, peeled then diced 2 cups […]

Who doesn’t love a hearty and delicious chicken vegetable soup? It is fibrous high because it contains vegetables and chicken meat at the same time. Not to mention, there are numerous nutrition and vitamins that would be so good for the bodies. That is why this soup has always been a recommendation for those who are not feeling so well. This soup can be a powerful weapon to fight light diseases such as influenza and fever. Other than that, it […]

If you need an idea for dinner, just try to make beef and broccoli. The recipe is easy to prepare and to do. You just need about 30 minutes to make it. Moreover, the taste is also delicious and nutritious as well. This food will be a pleasure for those who fond of Chinese food flavor. Here are the ingredients and steps to follow. Ingredients: 1 ½ lbs steak, sliced thinly 1 tbsp water 3 cups broccoli florets 1 tbsp […]

Celebrating Thanksgiving will be more fulfilling with broccoli casserole recipe. In fact, this dish is every holiday’s signature dish. Many people love it despite it is full of vegetables. It can also be served for the main vegetable dish as well as a side dish. However, is it possible to cook it in the best way possible to produce the best taste? Well, practice makes perfect, right? That is why here listed the recipe you need to make this delicious […]

Broccoli becomes one of the great vegetables, and broccoli salad recipe becomes good way to make the menu from this vegetable. Broccoli has great nutrients, and it gives many benefits for the body. By making broccoli salad, it is good way to keep all of the nutrients and get them in the served dish. Moreover, salad is also easy to make, so you will not find difficulties or problems in the cooking process. It surely becomes good dish to make. […]

In fact, bacon wrapped asparagus is one of the best appetizer to make at home. It is delicious, incredibly healthy, and most importantly very easy to make. This dish is pretty much perfect for kids because they tend to hate greens, particularly asparagus. However, when the vegetable is wrapped tightly by delicious bacon, they will have no power to resist the dish. If you do not know how to make bacon wrapped asparagus, do not worry about it since the […]