How to Make a Smoothie with the Best Taste

How to make a smoothie
How to make a smoothie

Smoothies always become good menu to make, and there is good idea of how to make a smoothie. Some people think that smoothies are similar to juice. It is not totally wrong, but smoothies have more ingredients that make people fulfilled. That is why some people also choose to have smoothies as the good replacement in diet program. There can be many good menu and ideas of smoothies, and strawberry is good fruit to choose. In case you want to have special smoothies, you can see these steps.


  • 14 frozen strawberries
  • 1 banana, peeled and broken into melted texture
  • 1 cup soy milk
  • 1½ teaspoon white sugar
  • ½ rolled oats
  • ½ vanilla extract

Serving instructions:

  1. Get the ingredients ready. For the strawberry, do not forget to wash it first before you blend it.
  2. Get your blender.
  3. Add the strawberries, soy milk, banana, and the oats. Blend them by using medium speed. To get the sweet taste, add vanilla and sugar based on your preference. Blend them until you get the smooth texture of smoothies.
  4. Pour into some glasses and it is ready to serve.

Surely, there is nothing to worry about how to make a smoothie. It is very easy, right? It does not involve heats in the cooking process and you will only use blender as the main tool to make the smoothies. Therefore, it is simple and even you can ask your kids to help in the process. Regarding the ingredients, there are two fruits to use, but strawberries are the main one. Well, a banana is enough to give richer taste on the smoothies. There is also oats to be the source of carbohydrate. In addition, the smoothies are great option to replace the breakfast. Moreover, it is easy to make, so it does not take much time to prepare the breakfast.


Related on how to make a smoothie, it is fine to have other ingredients to add. Even, if you do not like vanilla, it is fine to remove the extract of vanilla from the list. It is optional since the main ingredients are the fruits and milk. Having more options of fruits can be chosen when you love the richer and fresher taste of fruits. For example, you may add other berries. It is recommended to have less fruits that have high level of fiber because there is already banana and oats. It will be better to have fresher tastes of fruits. Therefore, grapes or other berries can be added instead of apples.

In serving the smoothies, you may add some toppings. For example, you can have some slices of strawberry for toppings. When you want to make it, just add more berries on the ingredients and the slices are not included into the blender. Having a mint is also nice to choose. Surely, you are free to use your creativity in adding and modifying the ingredients. Moreover, how to make a smoothie is easy to follow.