Microwave Sweet Potato Easy Recipe to Perfect Your Diet

Microwave sweet potato
Microwave sweet potato

One of everybody’s favorite side foods is microwave sweet potato. It is tasty, healthy, and also through microwave, it can be baked quickly and smoothly. It’s simple, fast, tasty and very enjoyable. Is the dish safe for the belly? It is actually very safe. It is not surprising that sweet potatoes have already become every nutrition-aware society’s sweetheart. It is full of calories, but rich in nutrients. Medium, sweet 7-ounce potatoes contain 800% of your daily needs for vitamin A as well as 940 mg potassium. There is also 65% of vitamin C, half of your needs for Manganese, and one fifth of vitamin B6. Therefore, here is what you need to do to microwave the potatoes.


  • 1 sweet potato; usually weighed around 7 oz

Baking Instructions:

  1. Wash the sweet potato and dry it. Do not peel. Puncture with something like a fork in some parts of the potato.
  2. Put the sweet potato on a towel of paper and microwave for 3 minutes. Turn the other side around and bake for 2 more minutes to the other side.
  3. Two minutes prior to serving, allow rest. Just cut the sweet potato and taste its real sweetness-some don’t even spray it with salt, as it is found that the saltiness is detrimental to human’s natural taste. But definitely, the sweet potato can be cut in half, seasoning sprinkled all over, and a bit butter covered them. Your microwaved sweet potato is ready to serve.

Microwave sweet potato is universe-wide cultivated as starchy vegetable foods. They are available in a range of lengths and colors, which are purple, white and orange, as well as wealthy in nutrients, mineral resources, antioxidants and protein. They offer an amount of advantages to your wellness and are convenient to contribute to your diet.


Furthermore, sweet potatoes, particularly orange and purple are wealthy in antioxidants to safeguard your whole body against free radicals. Free radicals are volatile molecules capable of damaging the DNA and inflammation. Chronic diseases such as cancer, lung failure and ageing have all been caused by free radical damage. It is therefore beneficial for your diet to eat antioxidant-rich products.

While microwave sweet potato may be frequent component of the thanksgiving tradition, it is always better to make sure that these magnificent, natural, delicious foods are added to your food throughout the year. In your local shops sweet potatoes may be presented all year round, but their season is in November and December.

Whilst a lot of people lumps all potatoes into a single class, the taste, flavor, texture and nutrients of potatoes simply differ quiet. No exception to sweet potatoes! The sweet potatoes in the food family are quite different from the yams or the common potato that is a big part of the diet in the United States.

Pick sweet potatoes with no splits, contusions or smooth places. Avoid those in the refrigerated area of the department because freezing temperatures change their flavor badly. Sweet potatoes should be placed in a humid, obscure and ventilated area, relatively new up to 10 days. That way, microwave sweet potato would taste better.