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In a dire time when you need to entertain people, a great pork chop recipe is going to be super handy. Many recipes require cooking this dish from a long time. However, this particular recipe certainly goes easy on your weekday nights. It has the highlighted flavors of honey and garlic. These herbs are able to cut through the heaviness of pork without being too overwhelming. Let’s see how to cook this dish conveniently at your own home. Ingredients: 4 […]

There are great menus with easy steps and some people do not know how to make scrambled eggs perfectly. In this case, the scramble eggs become the easy menu, but its taste never makes people disappointed. However, it will only happen when you know how to cook it well. It is because it is not just the matter of taste, but texture is also important in the scrambled eggs. In case you want to get better knowledge about it, this […]

You surely cannot resist the delicious Alfredo sauce and what to know on how to make Alfredo sauce. This kind of sauce looks white and creamy with delicate texture. You can have this one in restaurant, mostly in Italian restaurants that serve traditional menu. Experiences and professional chefs have their way to produce this sauce. However, you can still have a chance to make your own version at home. The recipe is simple and easy to follow at home. Some […]

When you are looking for good recipes with great composition of nutrients, weight watchers recipes can become your solution. There are various recipes to try and there are various categories. One of them is the curried prawns. It is not a difficult dish to make. Moreover, you get complete information from the recipe, so you will not need to worry about the details and process. Of course, the taste will be great since it will have strong taste of curry […]

In a thanksgiving, it is great to have thanksgiving side dishes. There are main course and it is already part of the tradition and celebration. However, it is great to have some side dishes and the sweet potato casserole is great option to make. It is not difficult to make. However, the taste is great and it has nice texture of mashed sweet potatoes and other flavors coming from the ingredients. In case you want to make the dish, this […]

If you have potatoes at home and do not know what to do with it, why not just make twice baked potatoes? It has creamy, crispy, and cheesy texture. It is so flavorful as well. Here is the recipe to make it. Ingredients: 8 ounce russet potatoes 4 ounces cheese, shredded 4 strips bacon, cooked then divided ¼ cup buttermilk 4 scallions, sliced thinly, divided ¼ cup Greek yogurt or sour cream 4 tbsp unsalted butter Kosher salt, to taste […]

Making tater tot casserole recipe is an easy way to make a menu of dishes that look quite proper, easily made with ingredients in the refrigerator, and of course delicious and according to the tastes of many people. They are easy to serve, because it is available in the form of packaging / frozen food that only needs to be fried and served. This one light snack can be changed to be more delicious and look more interesting. There are […]

Smoothie has been popular choice for breakfast, and one of recommended choices is blueberry smoothie recipe. Blueberry is the key ingredient that brings delicious taste to this recipe. You can make it in less than ten minutes; even it can only take five minutes for the smoothie to be ready. This is the recipe to boost your mood in the morning. Why do pick smoothie as breakfast? During sleeping, your body is still at work to digest foods. Moreover, your […]

You can try making this tortilla soup recipe with chicken and cheese addition when you don’t know what to cook on weekend. This delicious dish with broth is suitable to be served when a holiday season comes up. It is also not difficult to make. You only need basic ingredients of chicken, cheese, broth and corn. Its flavor can be adjusted, whether you want it to be spicy or not. So, do you want to try making it? The following […]

Toad in the hole is a traditional English meal consisting of sausages cooked in Yorkshire pudding dough. Generally, this food is served with thick vegetables and onion broth. The origin of the name “Toad-in-the-hole” often creates disputes. Many stated that the unusual name was given because this food resembled a frog (toad) which was poking its head from inside the hole. But there are also rumors that this food was once called a “Frog-in-the-Hole”, although there is very little evidence […]