How to Make Best BBQ Sauce Recipe with Simplicity

Best BBQ sauce recipe
Best BBQ sauce recipe

Before you are starting a barbeque, it is best if you make sure everything goes right. It includes choosing the best BBQ sauce recipe. Barbeque is not actually a food. It is a method on how you cook the food. The method includes grilling, roasting baking, braising and grilling. In addition, a barbeque is mostly done to cook large quantities of meat products by grilling it. The grill burns on wood or charcoal, and thus the banquet did outdoor.

In fact, the barbeque time is a fun moment. If you are a chef and want a wholesome barbeque, one of the things you should pay attention aside from the meat is the sauce. There are lots of recipes of barbeque sauce scattered on the internet. Well, in this article, we will learn to make the best BBQ sauce that only requires a minimum effort. First things first, before you start on cooking, prepare the ingredients beforehand. For the tool, you need a blender or mixer, the cups, bowl and pans. You can start all from scratch by following the steps below.  Let’s check the recipe!



  • Half a cup of red wine vinegar
  • A quarter of a teaspoon of hot sauce
  • A quarter packed of brown sugar
  • Two cups of Ketchup
  • Two tablespoons of honey
  • A tablespoon of stone house seasoning
  • A tablespoon of Lemon juice

Cooking Instructions:

  1. The first step to make best BBQ sauce recipe is to mix all ingredients into a saucepan. Make sure the heat is in a medium.
  2. Once the mixture looks boiling, reduce the heat gradually to allow it to thicken.
  3. Then, serve the sauce immediately or let it cool down if you’d like your sauce to be preserved for later consumption.

Well, this is truly the best BBQ sauce recipe since it is too easy to make. In addition, the taste concentrates on sweet and tangy on tongue. From the taste, you can also indicate that the sauce is rich in nutrients that could supply you with vitamins. In fact, 2 tablespoon serving can contain 114 kcal calories. Aside from the calories, the sauce could carry up to 27 grams of carbohydrate. It also contains a high level of sodium; it counts about 57 milligrams. Other high quantities can also be found in sugar level that reaches 24 grams in weight. The same also applies to the potassium: it is 226 milligram.

Moreover, the sauce also provides vitamin A and C. The vitamin A is around 6.2%, whilst C is 3.3%. Lastly, the other components comprise of calcium and iron. Calcium numbers around 1.8%, as for the iron, it claims around 2.4%. From the ingredients above, we can conclude that the taste of the best BBQ sauce recipe emphasizes on the sweetness and spice. Further note to the recipe, due to its simplicity, you can produce this sauce in large quantities and turned it into a business opportunity that could get you millions.