Blueberry Smoothie Recipe with Yogurt, Juice, Banana, and Mint Topping

Blueberry smoothie recipe
Blueberry smoothie recipe

Smoothie has been popular choice for breakfast, and one of recommended choices is blueberry smoothie recipe. Blueberry is the key ingredient that brings delicious taste to this recipe. You can make it in less than ten minutes; even it can only take five minutes for the smoothie to be ready. This is the recipe to boost your mood in the morning.

Why do pick smoothie as breakfast? During sleeping, your body is still at work to digest foods. Moreover, your metabolism is at high peak to regulate everything. This is why you feel tired but fresh at the same time when waking up after long sleep. You may also feel hungry and need something to eat immediately. Big foods are not wise choice because your body needs to start slowly. As solution, smoothie will generate energy quickly to prevent digestive system in distress mode. Imagine you put meat or big serving to stomach. That’s not good idea even for diet program. Therefore, smoothie is necessary to smooth your metabolism. The ingredients and instruction for blueberry smoothie recipe is explained at the below section.


  • 2 cups juice, apple or white grape juice
  • 1-2 banana, halved
  • 2 cups blueberries, frozen
  • 3/4 cup vanilla yogurt, or other
  • Some mint sprigs and fresh blueberries for garnish, optional

Serving Instructions:

  1. Put banana, blueberries, yogurt, and juice into blender.
  2. Mix and blend them to create smoothie form.
  3. Pour t into cup or glasses to serve.
  4. Then, you can add fresh blueberries and mint as topping.

From the blueberry smoothie recipe above, you see that the ingredients and instructions are very easy to follow and prepare. Basically, you just need blueberries and water then mix into water. This is what smoothie should be as the basic recipe. However, that’s not enough to bring utmost nutrition and taste. You need to add extra ingredients, such as banana, yogurt, and juice.  The result will be excellent and you surely want to consume it again every day.


The juice in this recipe is for liquid, and some options are available. Apple or white grape is common juice because they are easy to mix while in blender. As alternative, you may try dairy milk, coconut milk, almond milk, and just warm water. Liquid is necessary for smoothie in order to blend perfectly. You can try other juices with varying fruits. For that purpose, prepare fruits on your own and be ready before making this recipe.

Vanilla yogurt is the top choice, but it is not strict rule and you can replace with any yogurt. Moreover, vanilla extract may be necessary if you feel the taste is not strong. Make sure to put at balance portion because too much ingredients can ruin the entire smoothie form. The recipe does not use sugar in order to prevent extra calorie. If you need sweetener, honey is preferable.

Prep time is about five minutes, even less if all ingredients are ready. For banana, make sure to cut in small pieces. It is necessary to quicken blender process. After smoothie is ready, just put fresh mint leaves and blueberries as topping. They are optional and other things are ready to replace.  That’s what you should do for making blueberry smoothie recipe.