Home Recipes How Long to Boil Eggs until they are Cooked Perfectly?

How Long to Boil Eggs until they are Cooked Perfectly?

by CookingMasters
How long to boil eggs
How long to boil eggs

How long to boil eggs

In order to cook your eggs perfectly, you should know for how long to boil eggs, so you can achieve the desired result. Generally, there are two kinds of boiled eggs: soft boiled eggs and hard boiled eggs. Both are equally tasty, but that depends on your preference and what your recipe ask you for. Before you start on making your boiled eggs, you have to know what you are making first.

As an example, you are planning on making a classic party snack called deviled eggs. In this case, the eggs should be boiled until firm enough. It is because the eggs will be shelled and cut into halves. The yolks will be scooped out from the whites, then mashed out, and mixed with other ingredients before being scooped back into the white parts. In that case, the eggs should still be able to hold its integrity while going through such rigorous process.

What about ramen? How long to boil eggs for ramen topping? You need to know what ramen needs for its topping. The egg yolk should be runny so that when it is mixed slightly with the flavorful broth, the taste will be even richer. However, the white part should be adequately firm since the egg will be cut in half. If the white part is still too soft, the entire egg will fall apart easily.

In order to prepare hard boiled eggs, you must gently place your eggs inside a big saucepan then cover eggs with water until the level is an inch above your eggs. You should only cook the eggs until the water is boiling. Hard-boiled egg with creamy texture can be achieved when letting the egg in hot water for about 12 minutes if your egg’s size is medium. If its large, you can let it sits for about 15 minutes. This method takes longer time, but it is a foolproof one since the margin for error is low.

How long to boil eggs if you want to get soft boiled eggs? In order to cook the eggs perfectly, you need to do the first few steps similar to cooking the hard boiled eggs. However, after the water reaches boiling point, you only need to lower the temperature down to let it simmer gently. Cooking the eggs for five minutes will yield soft boiled eggs with very runny yolk. If you want to cook it a little firmer, then you will need to add an extra two minutes which makes the cooking time 7 minutes in total. This applies if you are cooking only an egg or two for a batch. You have to add few more seconds if you have more eggs inside the saucepan.

Nothing beats a perfectly cooked egg. This ingredient is inexpensive but it gets one of the richest flavor profiles. Because of that, the ingredient needs to be cooked properly within the appropriate time period. If you love eggs, you will appreciate the information gathered in this passage. Hopefully it solves the mystery of how long to boil eggs.

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