How to Soften Butter? Here’s the Secret Everyone Should Know

How to soften butter
How to soften butter

The question of how to soften butter is quite common to be heard in the kitchen. Softening butter is essential because no recipe has ever mentioned the usage of rock hard frozen butter straight from the refrigerator. This is why everyone should really understand the methods of softening butter. To help you out, here are some of the best methods to soften butter easier and quicker. By using these methods, you do not have to wait for too long when softening butter.

Soften Butter Naturally

The most common way of how to soften butter is to do it the most natural way. In other words, you do nothing about the butter except taking it out from the fridge and leave it on room temperature. Even though this method always works well, it can take quite a long time, especially when the butter is a whole stick one. To trick this situation, you can cut up the butter into small pieces before leaving it to sit on room temperature. Use heated knife to cut up the butter easier.

Soften Butter in the Microwave

When you have a microwave at home, you can practically make anything easier, including when you have to soften butter. Put a hard, sold butter on a microwave-safe bowl. Set the microwave to high and process the butter in it for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, you can check for the tenderness of the butter. If the middle is still frozen or hard, place the butter back in the microwave for another 30 seconds.


Soften Butter Using Electric Mixer

There is a great trick on how to soften butter really fast. The trick is by beating it using electric mixer. Even when the butter is frozen solid, electric mixer can break it down quite easily. Place a stick of frozen butter into a mixing bowl. Set the mixer on its highest speed and start beating the butter with it. The process probably takes 3 to 5 minutes until the butter is softened and creamy, ready to be used for making any dishes.

Soften Butter Using Rolling Pin

Back then, when people do not have electric mixer or microwave, the best method of softening butter besides leaving in on room temperature is by pounding the butter. Pounding the butter is like an effective method to breaking it down quicker and easier. All you need to do is prepare two sheets of large parchment paper. Lay the frozen butter on top of one sheet of parchment paper and cover the top with the other paper. Pound the butter using rolling pin until the butter is soft and creamy.

Besides all those four methods mentioned above, surely there are still numerous other methods that can be tried to soften butter. Among them, the methods involve hot skillet, double boiler, and even hot water steam. Choose the method that you think work the most properly for you. After that, you will never ask the question of how to soften butter anymore because you have found the ultimate answer.