Revealing the Answer on How Long are Hard Boiled Eggs Good for

How long are hard boiled eggs good for
How long are hard boiled eggs good for

Everyone should know the answer of how long are hard boiled eggs good for. A lot of people cook hard boiled eggs every day. They use it for many cooking purposes, including making egg salad, deviled eggs, and many more. Sometimes, they make a bunch of hard boiled eggs in one cooking and store it in the fridge. However, they seem to know nothing about the shelf life of eggs. Here is more information about it.

Peeled the Eggs in Room Temperature

When a hardboiled egg is already peeled and it is stored in room temperature, it won’t last for a long lime. Usually, it will last less than a day. When the hardboiled egg is peeled, it will lose its protective coating. It has to be eaten immediately to avoid the outer surface of the egg to start getting slimy. This is why when you do not have access to a refrigerator, do not hesitate to peel off the shell of the eggs once it is done boiling.

Unpeeled the Eggs in Room Temperature

The answer to the question of how long are hard boiled eggs good for is quite different when the egg is properly boiling and has not been peeled. Even without being stored in a refrigerator, the unpeeled hardboiled egg is going to last for one to two days. As long as the condition of the air is not too damp or not too hot, the shell of the egg will keep protecting its inside for a couple of day.


Peeled the Eggs in Refrigerator

Storing the hardboiled egg on refrigerator is the safest way to keep it when you want to use it later. It can be kept for approximately 3 to 4 days when the egg is stored in the refrigerator and that it is peeled. To keep the egg’s flavor from being slightly changed, keep the peeled eggs on sealed container first before storing it in the refrigerator.

Unpeeled the Eggs in Refrigerator

If you want to make a bunch of hardboiled egg and store it for later, do not peel the shell and keep it on the refrigerator. It will last up to a week, or even longer than that. Unpeeled eggs are still having its “jacket” on, sealing it from flavor changing and from being slimy. That is why when the eggs are unpeeled and stored in the fridge; it will last for quite a while.

Now, you know exactly how long to keep the eggs on the fridge. Before storing, you need to do the most important thing in making this kind of eggs. You need to boil it properly. Boil the eggs for 10 minutes, so the yolk is completely cooked and done. Then, to avoid the eggs to remain cooking, just put them into an ice bath right after being boiled. It is a great way to start making good hard boiled eggs, even before you know about how long are hard boiled eggs good for.