The Best Chicken Soup Recipe to Enjoy in Cold Weather

Best chicken soup recipe
Best chicken soup recipe

In cold weather, the thing you want to do is surely to make the best chicken soup recipe, while drinking a cup of hot tea. It is perfect to eat at cold weather since the warmness of soup will increase your body heat and making you full. If you want to know how to make the soup, here is the recommended recipe which can make your cold day better.


  • 2 carrots slice it to the size of ¼ inch.
  • 4 teaspoons of parsley, chopped it into small size
  • 5 cups of chicken broth, it is better if the broth is from your chicken
  • 1 big size onion, dice it into small pieces
  • 2 stalk of celery, slice it to the size of ¼ inch
  • 2 bay leaves, cut it to smaller pieces
  • 1 clove of minced garlic
  • 5 pound chicken (thigh or breast area) and its bones
  • 1 cup of cooked white rice or brown rice
  • Salt, water, and oil for seasoning

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Take out a large size pot then put the chicken and its bones into the pot. Next, pour the chicken broth, garlic and 250 ml of water into the pot.
  2. Boil the pot on medium heat for 30 minutes. While boiling, remove the fat and foam that float on the pot.
  3. When the chicken is already cooked enough, take out the bones since they have no use again for this best chicken soup recipe.
  4. Put the vegetable to the pot, such as bay leaf, carrots celery and onion, and stir it well for 10-15 minutes until it is half-done.
  5. Put in the rice and stir it again for 15 minutes. Then, put in the parsley and seasoning for more flavor to the soup.
  6. Carefully put the soup to small or medium size bowl.
  7. Your soup is ready to serve.

That’s the ingredients list to make the best chicken soup recipe along with its steps. It is the most basic recipe yet still holds the consistency of deliciousness to be the best chicken soup. However, it is actually not that easy to make the soup because there are lots of things you have to consider before choosing the ingredients.


First, make sure your broth is homemade to improve the quality of flavor. It is not hard to make chicken broth. Just put in some water in the pot and chicken carcass, like its bones or feet then boil them. Furthermore, make sure you use kosher salt. It has high concentrate of salt and connected well to the flavor of chicken broth, thus increasing the level of crispiness and saltiness. Lastly, improve the soup combination by adding a cooked fettuccini if you do not like rice. For your information, fettuccini has an identical flavor of rice.

Well, the kind of seasons depends on your taste and preference. If you have something you like or dislike, just add or remove it. Finally, you have made the best chicken soup recipe, and it is all up to you on how you want to improve the recipe.