Best Recipe App for both Android and iOS

Best recipe app
Best recipe app

Best recipe app is what many people are looking for nowadays. In this modern era, the use of technology cannot be separated from everyday life. Well, on the old times, people may only rely on recipe book as their cooking inspiration. However, today you can simply check it out on your smartphone. For more, there are already specified applications which allow you to browse any kinds of recipe. With no further ado, here are some of the best cooking recipe applications for both Android and iOS.

The Tasty Recipe app

For the first best recipe app, you can try Tasty Recipe. The good point from this app is you can enjoy the cooking time with no need to mind about the screen of your phone. This app will keep your screen awake. Moreover, you can also get the quickest access for the newest Tasty videos, just like what you often see on the social media. For more, this app is also customizable.

As alternative choice, if you are a vegetarian, you can use the option provided to hide any kinds of recipes which includes meat as ingredients. This app is also completed by filter. With this feature, you can narrow your search, for example you want to find recipes with low carb, gluten free, and many more. Last, it will also send you recommendations for the meal plan.


The BBC Good Food

As we know, BBC is a famous British TV. It also launched an application which has more than 10,000 recipes in it. The application let anyone submit their recipe. Moreover, the recipes are the combination between the one made and tested by BBC Good Food team and the celebrity chefs as well as the ones that submitted by any people through creating an account.

When you use this best recipe app, you can save any of your favorite recipes in custom collections. Furthermore, you can also rate it, so other people will know how good the recipe is. In addition, the recipe in this app is completed by detailed steps of course. Moreover, you are also able to share them with any of your friends or family members. Very interesting, isn’t it?

The Bigoven

The highlight from this recipe application is, it offers massive library of recipes. This app has more than 350,000 recipes for you. For more, you can also add snapshots of the recipes then make a grocery list of the ingredients you need from a type of recipe you want. Besides, this app also gives a big help if you have some ingredients left but do not know what to cook. Simply type those ingredients, and this app will show you any choices of recipe to make from them.

In addition, it also offers social feature. With it, you can check what your friends are making. You will also get the cooking inspiration easily as there are seasonal collections in the home screen. Therefore having this best recipe app will not make you disappointed.