Home Recipes How long do Hard Boiled Eggs Last in Your Pantry?

How long do Hard Boiled Eggs Last in Your Pantry?

by CookingMasters
How long do hard boiled eggs last
How long do hard boiled eggs last

How long do hard boiled eggs last

How long do hard boiled eggs last in one’s pantry? The answer to that depends on one important thing: storage. The way you store your hard boiled eggs will determine its longevity. When you keep your cooked eggs in appropriate manner, it will last longer in the shelf but not without a time limit. On the other hand, inappropriate storing process will definitely make your eggs go bad quicker than you can imagine.

The most effective way to store fully cooked eggs is by refrigerating it. They can be kept with the shells on or peeled. If you decide to peel your boiled eggs, you should submerge the eggs inside clean water to prevent slime developing on the surface. That submerging water must be changed every day in order to maintain the eggs at top condition. Refrigeration is able to keep the hard boiled eggs at optimum condition for about a week.

What is the shelving life of hard boiled eggs in shell unrefrigerated?  Even with the shell on, your cooked eggs are not recommended to be eaten past that day of cooking. On its surface, you will see that the eggs gather a little bit of slime on the white surface. The eggs no longer taste delicious. Instead you will have to handle some putrid smell when you are trying to consumer these eggs. It really does not taste any good.


In the discussion about how long do hard boiled eggs last in your pantry, you learn the hard truth that this tasty and protein rich ingredients are not for forever consumption. In fact, its shelving life is very limited that you are not advised to eat it past the date when you cook the eggs. Cooked eggs will turn rotten very quickly. You have to turn it into another dish if eating the eggs just as they are considered unappealing to your taste.

You already know how long do hard boiled eggs last in the pantry, but what if you eat cooked eggs that are already gone bad? Well, first of all, you will be assaulted by putrid smell. The outside of your eggs (usually the white surface) will turn very slimy. It will not be a pleasant eating experience for you. If you push through the idea of eating bad cooked eggs, you are risking higher chance of food poisoning. Instead of carrying nutrients, old cooked eggs will contain varied dangerous bacteria. It can lead to difficult situation for you, so it will be better not to push it.

Bad smell is definitely the first and foremost indicator of a cooked egg gone bad. If you find your eggs emitting such smell, then you should discard them immediately. It will be better if you keep the shell of your cooked eggs on so that you can write the cooking date for each egg to maintain its quality. Of course, most nutritionists will suggest that you cook eggs according to your consumption that day. Eggs are not something you want to have leftover with. The freshest your eggs are, the better. Hopefully, this article is able to open up your eyes about how long do hard boiled eggs last.

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