How to Make Spaghetti Dough from Scratch with Only 4 Ingredients

How to make spaghetti
How to make spaghetti

A lot of people want to know exactly how to make spaghetti on their own. Making the pasta dish is easy when you have ready to use, store bought noodle that you can boil with ease. However, the best taste of the dish actually comes from the freshness of the pasta. That is why making the homemade pasta from scratch is really recommended.

Making spaghetti dough from scratch is actually very easy. It only takes 4 ingredients and a few steps to complete. If you want to cook the fresh, handmade noodle, the easiest version of the recipe is written down below. It will give you the full guidance on how to make spaghetti successfully. Follow the steps carefully to make sure that the noodle is going to taste delicious.


  • 3 large-sized eggs, cracked and beaten
  • 1 teaspoon fine salt
  • 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
  • 2 cups all-purpose flour

Cooking Instructions:

In a large bowl, mix together all ingredients. Use a stand mixer (with dough hook) to mix them all together until everything is combined and a rough dough is formed. Set it aside.

  1. Prepare a flat work surface. Sprinkle the surface with a little bit of flour.
  2. Take the dough out of the bowl and transfer it to the working surface.
  3. Knead the dough using your hand for 10 minutes until the dough becomes elastic and smooth. To tell if the dough is done, try to poke the dough. If the dough springs back, it means that the dough is ready.
  4. The next step on how to make spaghetti recipe is to rest the dough. To do that, cover the dough with a layer of plastic wrap for at least an hour.
  5. After an hour, remove the plastic wrap and divide the dough into four parts.
  6. Roll each part of the dough using pasta maker machine until it is very thin and almost translucent.
  7. On the last roll, set the machine into spaghetti / smallest noodle size and cut the dough into the shape. Repeat until the entire dough is rolled and cut.
  8. Prepare salted boiling water. Give a dash of olive oil in it. Cook the fresh handmade pasta for 1 minute and drain the water.
  9. Serve the fresh pasta with marinara sauce or any other spaghetti sauce you prefer. Enjoy.

When cooking the pasta, the most important thing to remember is not to overcook it. Remember that fresh pasta cooks way faster than store-bought, dried pasta. It only takes 1 minutes or even faster (depending on the size and thickness) to cook. That is why you need to keep an eye closely to the pasta while boiling it in the water.

If you want to make the spaghetti sauce from scratch as well, do not forget to save at least 1 cup of the water that you cook the pasta with. The water should be added on the sauce making process to make the sauce thick and creamy. It will also add tastier flavor of the sauce. It is surely the key secret on how to make spaghetti that will make you proud of.