The Fresh Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe

Strawberry banana smoothie
Strawberry banana smoothie

In summer, it will be great to have tasty strawberry banana smoothie. It does not look special, but you will not regret to have the great taste of banana and strawberry in your glass. Moreover, it is healthy, so you get lots of benefits from a glass of smoothie. It is also easy to make. You can invite your kids to work with you in making the smoothies, or let them do the jobs while you are watching them. It is simple but gives great family time. In case you want the good recipe, just look at the points below.


  • 2 cups of strawberries, cut into halves
  • ½ cup of Greek yoghurt
  • 1 banana, peeled and cut into some pieces
  • ½ cup of milk

Serving Instructions:

  1. Get your blender ready.
  2. Wash the strawberry and cut them in halves. Add the strawberry and banana in the blender
  3. Add also the yoghurt and milk.
  4. Blend them well until all ingredients are completely mixed.
  5. Pour into glasses and serve the smoothies. Add cuts of strawberry and banana for garnish.

Of course, there is nothing special about the processes. It is easy to make and you also find there are no complicated ingredients for strawberry banana smoothie. That’s why it is recommended to make. You can do it easily and it will not take much time for the whole process. However, there is no sweetener in ingredients since the recipes use natural sweetener from fruits. In case you want to make it sweeter, honey is good ingredient to add. It is sweet and healthy.


Then, it is not recommended to use frozen fruits. If you have frozen banana and strawberries, you can thaw them for a while. The frozen fruits give thick texture of smoothies, and it makes the drink less tasty. When you want to have frozen fruits to replace the ice, you can freeze one of them. By doing it, you do not need to add any ice. In case you want it cooler, put it in the refrigerator for some minutes. These are simple tips, but you will find good benefits. Moreover, adding ice will require you to add more ingredients since ices will change the composition and texture of smoothies. Moreover, having ice in strawberry banana smoothie only makes the smoothies watery easily.

In the ingredients, it uses milk and yoghurt. These are the main ingredients to get the smoothies. However, you may replace the milk if you have diet program or avoid dairy products. Some people may also have allergy with dairy products. As replacement, cashew milks can be chosen. It still gives you good taste of smoothies and the great texture of the drink. In serving, the fruits can also be combined with chia seeds to get more nutrients. Surely, it is very easy recipe. You will be able to make it easily, and there will be no problem at all. The compositions in strawberry banana smoothie can also be replaced when you want to get smoothies with other fruits.