Do you like cake or pie? This is an easy question but it has a difficult answer. It will make your dilemma to select the best dessert. The recipe for apple pie cake is combining the best ingredients for making a tasty dessert. It contains fresh apple and made of high-quality ingredients. It is a sweet dessert to end your day. This recipe is very simple to make. It combines the yellow cake dough and fresh apple. This pie cake […]

Who doesn’t love sugar? Cotton candy cake is so happening lately, not just because of its yummy taste but also the fascinating color. By making this cake homemade, you also can make sure that all of the ingredients are safe and also you can adjust the amount of the sugar so nobody will have sugar rush after eating this. To make this recipe more comfortable with the making, we buy the real cotton candy for the garnish. Note: Beware, the […]

Now it’s time for another fun with a twinkie cupcakes recipe. So, do you want to eat a cupcake but worry about not having much time to make it? Take it easy, you don’t need a whole day of struggling in the kitchen just to make delicious cupcakes. Just prepare a few simple ingredients, mix it in one, put it in the oven, and voila! Half an hour later, a warm, soft cupcake is ready to accompany the rest of […]

One of favorite things to make at home is egg roll recipe. For your information, this recipe has many variations, from simple to completely out of the box ideas. However, this recipe only covers the basic that’s enough to deliver ultimate flavor. What is egg roll? It is food originally from Asia, mostly China that looks like dumpling as it’s wrapper with filling. The key to this recipe is in filling and egg roll wrapper that you can purchase at […]

Snickerdoodle cookies recipe is a cooking instruction that delivers the snickerdoodle cookie to you. This cookie comes from a very unique name; some say this cookie is from Germany, because it comes from the word Schneckennudeln which means snail dumpling or slug dumpling; some also say it is from the Netherlands, derived from the word snekrad which means snail. Maybe it’s because the shape is like a conch shell. Other sources are saying that this cookie come from England, from […]

Which kids don’t like the blend of peanut butter and chocolate milk in the form of Reese’s peanut butter? This sweet treat that is popular since the 80’s is basically based solely on chocolate, butter, nuts and sugar. But the smooth texture makes it more perfect in the mouth. This simple peanut butter cookies recipe can be paired with many different cake recipes. This peanut cookie also smells of fragrant aroma and tastes crispy. Adding chopped nuts makes this cake […]

If you want to have great party snacks, treats, or desserts, you may try puppy chow recipe. It may sound like dog food because of its name, but it is not as what you may think. The name itself is taken because it has the similar shapes as the dog foods or snacks. In fact, this can be one of the best desserts to make, and it is very easy. Of course, you do not need to worry about the […]

This peanut butter chocolate chip cookies recipe really has everything. Why and how come it covers everything you want from a peanut butter cookie? Actually, this is the ideal combination of peanut butter and a good chocolate and a good oatmeal or chocolate chip. It is also a great recipe if you want a recipe to help your children’s improvement in baking, so don’t check any further! Let us see why it is a perfect peanut butter cookie chip recipe! […]

The chocolate peanut butter no bake cookies are quick and easy to make entirely in a saucepan. This wonderful chocolate and butter combination is an extremely simple cookie recipe. These cookies are helpful to put together when a fast and easy dessert is required. You need only six components for preparation and about 20 minutes! Fast-cook oats can be used, but old, roll oats might work, too. Everything relies on your preferred texture. In a big saucepan, sugar, dairy, butter […]

A traditional peanut butter cookie recipe produced thick and chewy, sugary, and absolutely tasty cookies. Yet, sometimes they also come in the most delicious melted texture in your mouth, like crispy outer with a buttery rich peanut middle. These golden-brown colored cookies have always been delivering smooth and fluffy texture, as well as an amazing peanut butter flavor. If you like, you can test them with chunky peanut butter; yet smooth/creamy version works better, too. It’s everyone’s all-time favorite peanut […]