For a different taste of rice, you can try to make this Mexican rice recipe. It is so easy to make with not much time needed. For the preparation time, 10 minutes is enough. You only need around 20 minutes for the cooking time. Therefore, you can have this Mexican rice in 30 minutes only. It is enough for 4serving. There is no need to rush in the store, as the ingredients are so easy to get. You probably have […]

We cannot deny that oven baked bacon is definitely tasty. It is healthier than the fried bacon as well. Making oven baked bacons is not hard. For an early suggestion, it is recommended to use the thick cut applewood smoked bacon. It can give you classic flavor. The thick cut it has also provides ultimate crunch. For more, it is also a good choice to go with the center cut bacon. It has more lean and more meat. It is […]

Ham and cheese are what you need for Monte cristo sandwich. This recipe is based on the way French toast is made, but you just add sandwich touch. You can buy all ingredients at market. The recipe is capable to expand with additional toppings, sugar, honey, or anything based on your personal taste. This recipe is suitable for any mealtime. You can enjoy in the morning because the prep and cook time is relatively quick. Instead of regular sandwich, this […]

Moo goo gai pan is a perfect choice for you who want to have healthy and tasty Chinese dish. It is a classic dish with chicken and vegetables as its main ingredients. Completed with savory sauce, this dish will be a perfect menu for the dinner. Here is the recipe. Ingredients: 1 pound chicken breast, boneless and skinless, sliced thinly 1 large egg white 2 cups mushrooms, sliced 1 cup snow peas ¾ cup chicken stock ½ cup carrots, sliced […]

If you feel bored of tasting the usual plain white rice, you can try to make this Mexican rice recipe. This Mexican rice is suitable for all kind of Mexican dish. You can enjoy it with burritos, taquitos, or tacos. Furthermore, you can also make this recipe with vegetables for more nutrition. Some good pairs of vegetable are carrots and peas. Besides, chicken also turns up so well if you mixed it in this rice. However, the following recipe will […]

One of recommended foods for dinner is mashed sweet potatoes. It is underrate recipe, but you will understand why sweet potatoes are better than others. This recipe is suitable for regular mealtime with family and friends. You can enjoy meat, chicken, and fish alongside this one. This recipe is what children like due to sweet flavor. Ingredients are easy to find and the instructions are simple to follow. Ingredients: 6-7 peeled sweet potatoes, cut in cubed form 3/4-1 cup milk […]

No one can resist the chicken wings and it will be much better when you get lemon pepper wings. Chicken wings are great dish to enjoy. It can become main dish. In some occasions, it can also become great appetizers. Even, some people love to make the chicken wings as great snacks. Deep fried chicken wings are already tasty enough, and it will become more delicious when it has lemon pepper seasoning. If you are planning to make some simple […]

Chicken can be cooked in various menus, and lemon pepper chicken is one of them. It is true that chicken is easy to cook. There are many options and cooking methods. It can also work with most of the spices and ingredients. In this case, there is good combination of fresh taste of lemon and the tasty meat of chicken. It will be great and juicy chicken dish to taste and your family will love the dish. For the ingredients, […]

This lentil soup recipe has been around for a long time! This lens soup is mainly produced from garden products, but contains greens and a lemon squeeze that is new and shiny. It is seasoned with some of the favorite ingredients of everyone and a great deal of fresh ground black pepper. It is the finest lentil soup that anybody will ever have, honestly. This good lentil soup is perfectly for you whether you want to light up your food […]

Lasagna recipe easy is quick if you don’t have to make additional effort. For this quick and yet incredible lasagna, you don’t even have to boil the pasta as always. Lasagna is a favorite household, yet this variant is extra-special because only 5 fast ingredients are necessary: ground meat, pasta sauce, noodle lasagna, ricotta and mozzarella sliced. It can be considered a 5 points meal. A little tip, make a double batch, enjoy it now and freeze on a crowded […]